Pot-grown Abies Nordmanniana


Kirstineberg A/S, only produces high quality pot grown Christmas trees of the variety Abies Nordmanniana with a healthy and vital root system. Read more…


Trees from Kirstineberg A/S are GLOBAL G.A.P  and MPS certified. The nursery is continuously controlled by an extern auditor. Read more…


For delivery, the trees are wrapped in a net and provided with a care label. The trees can be delivered  on CC-containers or CT pallets. Read more …

Kirstineberg A/S

- Europe’s leading producer and supplier of Real Pot-grown Abies Nordmanniana

Kirstineberg Trees are exclusive and a high-quality products, which presents themselves very harmonic and beautiful in the pots. They are certified according to GLOBAL G.A.P and MPS Standards.

Every tree has grown in a pot to secure that it will develop a healthy and vital root system. The tree can be planted in the garden, where it will grow big and beautiful. It can also be left in the pot and kept on the balcony, in front of the house or for other outdoor purposes.

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forår 2 maj

Springtime at Kirstineberg

The sun is shining and trees are growing With nice temperatures for several weeks now, spring is here. It also means growth of the trees. They are quickly turning green. There is a lot of activity in the nursery right now, at we are doing everything possible to give the trees the best conditions for […]

Vintertræer 2018-2

Winter time at Kirstineberg

- It’s february, it’s winter and it’s cold! Even though september seams far away, we are already preparing the coming season. We pay a lot of attention to our trees during winter time to assure the quality before spring when everything starts to grow.  Some days we have frost, some days it’s sunny and some […]