Spring Delivery

This is one of the first pallets of Kirstineberg this year delivered in the spring.

We can also deliver trees this time of the year because our trees is a nursery product.palle1

The tree can be used for Easter with decorations, or maybe be plantet outside in the
garden with a little light chain.


Rainbow above Kirstineberg

Some people say there is gold at the end of the rainbow, we think something else. ;)

As you can see in the picture above there is a beautiful rainbow behind Kirstineberg at the end of the cc-containers.

We have been very busy the last many weeks, packing pallets and cc-containeres, and we love it! 
IMG_6906It is a great thought that our Pot-grown Nordmann trees will make happiness all around in the world.

Soon it is december, and then our Kirstineberg trees will look beautiful in homes all around the world.

We still have trees for sale for the season 2018, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to hear what we can offer you.



Busy days at Kirstineberg

Things are going fast here at Kirstineberg, we are working on producing a lot of new Christmas trees, that during the years will grow itself bigger and beautiful.

There is something with a living tree,
A tree grown in a pot that will continue to live for many years.Billede af de små nye træer Her ses båndet hvor de små træer bliver transporteret ud
At Kirstineberg we are experts at living pot grown Christmas trees.
We have developed our special production, so that every single tree is born with a solid root system ready to plant outside.
A Kirstineberg tree is born to live wheather it is on the balcony, or as a large beautiful tree in the garden. 

New Youtube Video

Europe’s leading producer and supplier of Real Pot-grown Abies Nordmanniana. Danish & environmentally friendly quality products.

Langesø Messe

Exhibitions during Fall

We are present at the following exhibitions during august and the Kirstineberg Team is looking forward to your visit.

The Trading Centre for pot plants – “Handelspladsen”

The Trading Centre is a plant fair which is held next time the 15th and 16th of AugustRead more

Global GAP certifikat 2017

Global G.A.P. certificate

Of course we are Global G.A.P. certified at Kirstineberg. The latest certificate is from end september 2017.

Kirstineberg is all the time controlled.

There are 3 main issues:

  • all farm standard
  • crop base standard
  • flowers and ornamental standard




The trees are marked with labels

The trees in the nursery are now marked in heights and qualities. We are busy preparing the coming season here at Kirstineberg. Before season starts everybody is busy in the fields, looking forward to dispatch of trees to our customers.