Spring Delivery

This is one of the first pallets of Kirstineberg this year delivered in the spring.

We can also deliver trees this time of the year because our trees is a nursery product.palle1

The tree can be used for Easter with decorations, or maybe be plantet outside in the
garden with a little light chain.

forår 2 maj

Springtime at Kirstineberg

The sun is shining and trees are growing

With nice temperatures for several weeks now, spring is here. It also means growth of the trees. They are quickly turning green.

There is a lot of activity in the nursery right now, at we are doing everything possible to give the trees the best conditions for growth.   

forår 1 maj

Vintertræer 2018-2

Winter time at Kirstineberg

- It’s february, it’s winter and it’s cold!

Even though september seams far away, we are already preparing the coming season.

We pay a lot of attention to our trees during winter time to assure the quality before spring when everything starts to grow. 

Some days we have frost, some days it’s sunny and some days even snow is a part of the weather here.

No matter what we do everything in our power to prepare the trees in the best way to the coming growth season.