trae-i-krukke-ved-hovedbygningGl. Kirstineberg

The estate was founded in 1766 when the Royal Danish Court sold their Hunting grounds. In the following years the beautiful Manor House and Tithe barn were built in neo-classicist style with stones and bricks from the former Nykøbing Castle. These 2 buildings are today protected.

Gl. Kirstineberg is today a modern concern, which is owned by Linnéa Treschow and Lars Hvidtfeldt.

The concern includes:

Gl. Kirstineberg Farming and Forestry

Gl. Kirstineberg Estate is very effectively run. Geographically the estate is especially well suited for production of sugar beets and grass- and clover seeds. Wheat, barley and peas are cultivated on contracts. Cherries are produced for consumption as well as apple plantation is under establishment in cooperation with a group of other estates.

Along the agriculture production the forestry is run in a traditional manner with decorative greenery and Christmas trees.

RENTAL HOUSES; Further information: Contact the Estate Office at +45 5485 1262 or by mail